Saturday, 14 July 2012


Two nights ago, I started out for the living room, pushing Rodney. It was about 3 or 4 in the morning & I’d woken up wanting to sit in the living room. About 7 feet from the bed, suddenly, my body went into violent tremors and I could feel ALL my strength leave. I remained conscious enough to pull up on Rodneys bike brakes and slam into the hall wall for support. Meanwhile, Heather, hearing all this, comes screaming out of her room just in time to see me slide along the wall desperately reaching for the big leather chair in the living room.

Seizure, I’m thinking. This is the worst – but I’ve had two similar incidents recently. Surely this must be seizures. The Dave is on vacation this week, but his nurse answers my message and instructs me to see my GP or go to emergency. Today. Getting serious now. Lucky for me, Margaret is not yet on vacation, so I book an emergency appointment. She quizzes me: One side? Both sides? What was I doing before it happened? Did I stay conscious? Heather – how did it look to you? Margaret is a great GP - not only that, her late husband died of brain cancer. She has lots of experience – professional and personal. She decides it was “progress of disease” or a blood pressure/heart rate problem. Moving a  little too fast from sedentary position to movement. My BP shot up, and my heart rate couldn't keep up.For a year she monitored her husband for seizures but it was never that – more like what I have. She bumps my steroids up to 8 mg.

The next night, for about 6 hours, I keep waking up with pain shooting up my legs. When I finally get out of bed, take my meds and make a note, I am astonished that my handwriting if clear and legible. First time in months and totally unexpected.



Cynthia Newcomer Daniel said...

Our bodies are amazing and surprising things. After my dad had brain surgery, he could suddenly hear again. Super-hearing, actually - I'm known as the one with hearing super-powers and he was noticing things I had to stop and listen carefully for in order to hear. After a few weeks, that side effect went a way, but is was very strange while it lasted.

I'mm glad it's not seizures.

Anonymous said...

thinking of you, snake.


Marcia DeCoster said...

Here is what is amazing to me, where did you find that graphic, that tells your story....